Power Up Logo Design Tips

Power Up Logo Design Tips

Brand image or identity is substantial in every business or corporation. It serves as a marketing campaign tool to convey the company’s identity to the targeted customers through visual designs. It takes painstaking hours of careful study and concentration to create a powerful logo.

The role of logo to famous and successful corporations like is significantly remarkable to establish their corporate identity. Using a graphic representation of a company can help people to instantly recognize the corporation’s line of business. The business’ visual characteristics grasp memory of its audience that keeps them always remembered by the buying public.

Various types of symbols, colors, and text shapes are associated in designing to create the desired result. An effective logo is distinctive and simple in form but with powerful concept or meaning. It must be able to successfully carry its intended message.

Here are some useful tips to improve designs process:

1. Keep it plain but powerful. The simpler it is, the easier to remember. However, it must be able to create great impact that makes it even more effective. Always remember that logos are visual representation of your company as a whole.

2. Colors are important elements in visual design. It usually carries the message of the company to its audience. Psychological studies prove that human minds are designed to instantaneously react to colors.

3. Behind any effective art piece is a concept or meaning that conveys the intended message of the company to its targeted audience.

There are certain elements that should be present in every design to capture the essence of what it really wants to convey. Each of the following is essential in designing: memorability and style, distinction, appeal, concept, versatility, and timelessness.

Memorability and style. The design should be unique and well prepared. meaning, people can easily recall the image the company wants to portray. The use of distinctive and recognizable shapes can help stimulate the interests of it audience or viewers.

Distinction. As the physical identity of the business, it should encompass a certain level of uniqueness from any other visual materials available for the public. Its distinction should make it powerful and identifiable.

Appeal. Making an impact stirs emotion and it heightens the interest of the targeted audience – enough to create a positive image of the business or the product. Adequate dose of visibility in a business symbol makes it noticeable by the people.

Concept. An art piece should have the precise look to convey its meaning. It is effective if people understand the exact message that the product or company wants to express. Strong concept portrays the basic idea behind the company or product.

Versatility. A business symbol must be flexible for it to be used in various media. Remember, corporate symbols are also use on the web, letterhead, print ads, brochure, banner, or even in business cards. Hence, it should be flexible to be used in any promotional material and tools.

Timelessness. It should last a lifetime. Even if decades pass by, it must still look fresh and still looks in fashion. An effective art piece endures the test of time.

There may be other several logo design tips but as graphical representations of a company, an art piece must possess the above mentioned characteristics for it to be a powerful one. It must imply simplicity and distinction to become memorable and recognizable.

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