Airbrush For Art & Design Tips For Getting Started Double Action or Single Action

Airbrush For Art & Design Tips For Getting Started Double Action or Single Action

The whole subject of airbrushing for commercial illustration or fine art goes to many lengths, for the novice this can be an overwhelming task. First of all, the artist must have a general idea as to what type of artwork they want to pursue. It is then, the artist can recognize the specific airbrush to use for their application. Additionally, there are so many types of airbrushes out in the market, each designed for a specific type of work. With thorough research, anyone can find and try out any airbrush. But allow me to point to some of the most popular airbrushes out in the market today.

For the beginning fine artist or illustrator, he/she must first know the difference between the single-action and double-action airbrush. Single action airbrushes are crude in versatility, and acts more like a spray paint can. Both the air and paint spray out simultaneously, having very little control over one or the other. The beginner can easily get frustrated at the lack of control, but is the easiest to understand. Secondly, the double-action airbrush user has complete control over the regulation of air or paint. By pressing down on the trigger, air will only come out. As the painter pulls back on the trigger, paint will start to flow in unison with the airflow. Therefore, making finer details and strokes easier. However, the double-action takes time to master. I would usually recommend a double-action as I get satisfying results and I get more out of my artwork.

There are a great deal of inexpensive airbrushes available. Companies such as Paasche, Badger, Aztek, and Iwata make fine brushes at a great price. Badger’s 150 series airbrush can be used for many different applications and is great for the beginner. Complete kits are available at art supply stores. Another great beginner airbrush and one that I truly recommend is the Iwata Eclipse series. A japanese designed airbrush in a stunning built chrome design, it is one I use frequently and it just feels great in my hands. Those two examples are double-action use, and most brands have a beginners kit to get started.

Just like an automobile, artists have to maintain and keep their airbrushes in great working condition. So it is crucial to clean and test the airbrush after every project, so this way there won’t be a need to replace vital parts. This can get expensive in the long run, so save the money and take the time to do this task. With these couple of beginners tips, airbrushing can be a fulfilling hobby, one that can be fun and profitable with the right marketing.

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