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Fashion Tips For Different Body Types

Fashion Tips For Different Body Types

Dressing up is an art and for many people, finding a clothing style that is suitable for the figure that they carry is of the highest priority. Women come in all variety of shapes and sizes. The four types of common body shape include apple body shape, pear body shape, hourglass body shape and rectangle body shape. These four types of body shapes require specific fashion tips that are going to be flattering for each figure. Read more to find out the fashion tips for different body types.

For a woman who falls into the category of apple body shape, she needs to wear clothing that are going to take away the emphasis on her waist and reduce the appearance of her broad shoulders. She can also draw the attention to her legs by wearing tunic style short skirts. Camouflage the extra pounds around the tummy by wearing raised waist, dresses and empire tops. To create an illusion of smaller waist, she can put on wrap tops, nipped waist jackets or cinched waists.

A woman who carries a pear or triangle shape figure on the other hand can pull the focus to her top half. To create a more balanced top and lower body, choose wider necklines type of clothing paired with darker bottoms. An illusion of leaner looking legs can be achieved by wearing boot cut jeans. An A-line or asymmetric skirt is suitable as it skims around the hip rather than focusing the whole attention on them. A jacket that falls just above the hip is preferable to longer ones.

For hourglass body shapes, ladies can choose a clothing type that will draw the focus to their narrow waist and show off their classic curves. To let the curves be the central focus, wear waist-defining clothing like cinched waists or wrap dresses with high-waisted pants or skirts. To create a leaner and longer appearance, choose monochromatic colored v-necks that will draw the eye vertically.

Rectangular or straight body shape types have slender bodies. To add more curves choose jackets with defined waists, scoop neck or v-neck. Wear low rise straight or flared jeans that fade at the thigh area to create an added curve at the hips and legs. To add dimension to the whole figure, try on layered looks. Wear clothing that has prints, patterns, and tailored design to break up the straight figure appearance.

Nail Art Designs The Endless Possibilities to Get Your Nails Done

Nail Art Designs The Endless Possibilities to Get Your Nails Done

The nail art designs of today have come a long way from the one color application of the past. Today the sky’s the limit with these accessories that people call fingernails. These can be dazzled up at a salon or even at home. There are plenty of supplies available in stores for home beautification of your own fingernails. They can be designed to match any outfit and for all holidays.

Hand-painted artwork is very simple to do. Most people find they can add flowers to fingernails with little difficulty. The background is best if it is a pale color with the petals on the flower being a much brighter color.

The center can be a lighter shade than the petals and the entire design can be added with the nail polish brush. You may need to have a friend help you out if you can only paint with your dominant hand. Salons will perform this flower creation for you for somewhere between 5 and 10 dollars.

There has been numerous times when you’ve woken up to find the imprint of your sheets in your nails, but now it is fashionable. Many people are adding texture to damp nails with objects around the house. If it isn’t an imprint you are looking for, but a unique design, try adding a swirl with two paints. Paint the brighter color on the nail first and before it dries to add some cream or white drops with a toothpick. Use the toothpick to swirl with the two colors together. This may take a while to dry, due to the thickness.

The technique of airbrushing on designs is available at salons and can be done at home as well, if you own an airbrushing machine. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to go to the salon to have this done. It only takes a short amount of time to spray on a design. Some add-ons that are easy to apply are decals, piercing, or rhinestones. These can be added on top of a fresh coat of paint. Rhinestones are either stuck into the wet paint or adhered to the nail with a special glue.

There are two types of decals that can be added to fingernails; decals that use water to stick them on and ones that require rubbing. Both are on a sheet of paper that has many other decals on it.

The decal of choice is cut out of the paper and placed on the nail, decal side down. The back of the decal is then either wet or rubbed, depending on the method needed. After this process, the paper is removed and the decal is stuck into place on the fingernail.

Fingernail piercings aren’t painful, since they are only in the tip of the fingernail itself. They can either be a hoop or a stud, but no matter which kind you choose, remember not to get them caught in your hair. Nail art designs can be added for any occasion, holiday, or just for a change of pace. The limits are non-existent with the nail designs of today.

Power Up Logo Design Tips

Power Up Logo Design Tips

Brand image or identity is substantial in every business or corporation. It serves as a marketing campaign tool to convey the company’s identity to the targeted customers through visual designs. It takes painstaking hours of careful study and concentration to create a powerful logo.

The role of logo to famous and successful corporations like is significantly remarkable to establish their corporate identity. Using a graphic representation of a company can help people to instantly recognize the corporation’s line of business. The business’ visual characteristics grasp memory of its audience that keeps them always remembered by the buying public.

Various types of symbols, colors, and text shapes are associated in designing to create the desired result. An effective logo is distinctive and simple in form but with powerful concept or meaning. It must be able to successfully carry its intended message.

Here are some useful tips to improve designs process:

1. Keep it plain but powerful. The simpler it is, the easier to remember. However, it must be able to create great impact that makes it even more effective. Always remember that logos are visual representation of your company as a whole.

2. Colors are important elements in visual design. It usually carries the message of the company to its audience. Psychological studies prove that human minds are designed to instantaneously react to colors.

3. Behind any effective art piece is a concept or meaning that conveys the intended message of the company to its targeted audience.

There are certain elements that should be present in every design to capture the essence of what it really wants to convey. Each of the following is essential in designing: memorability and style, distinction, appeal, concept, versatility, and timelessness.

Memorability and style. The design should be unique and well prepared. meaning, people can easily recall the image the company wants to portray. The use of distinctive and recognizable shapes can help stimulate the interests of it audience or viewers.

Distinction. As the physical identity of the business, it should encompass a certain level of uniqueness from any other visual materials available for the public. Its distinction should make it powerful and identifiable.

Appeal. Making an impact stirs emotion and it heightens the interest of the targeted audience – enough to create a positive image of the business or the product. Adequate dose of visibility in a business symbol makes it noticeable by the people.

Concept. An art piece should have the precise look to convey its meaning. It is effective if people understand the exact message that the product or company wants to express. Strong concept portrays the basic idea behind the company or product.

Versatility. A business symbol must be flexible for it to be used in various media. Remember, corporate symbols are also use on the web, letterhead, print ads, brochure, banner, or even in business cards. Hence, it should be flexible to be used in any promotional material and tools.

Timelessness. It should last a lifetime. Even if decades pass by, it must still look fresh and still looks in fashion. An effective art piece endures the test of time.

There may be other several logo design tips but as graphical representations of a company, an art piece must possess the above mentioned characteristics for it to be a powerful one. It must imply simplicity and distinction to become memorable and recognizable.

Decorating With Canvas Prints 5 Interior Designing Tips

Decorating With Canvas Prints 5 Interior Designing Tips


Decorating homes and offices with canvas prints have gained popularity these days. Photos on canvas can be maintained and cleaned easily unlike traditional paintings. Prints are also more affordable wall art so they make practical decor pieces.

Another advantage to hanging pictures on canvas is the versatility. You can easily find pictures in large canvas pieces in any subject you want. It won’t be a problem to find something suitable for a modern minimalist home, a contemporary country home, a restaurant, or an office.

Before deciding on a particular canvas, you have to consider these 5 designing tips to make the best of your wall art and produce the best effect for your decor:

1) Effects of color- Understand what color can do to you and other people who see your canvas prints. If you want to create a calm and tranquil haven, you should hang canvas prints with dominant blue shades. You can lots of blue in photos of seascapes. If you want to hang prints in a young child’s room or in an infant’s nursery, yellow shades would be more suitable than tan or dark colors. Living rooms and dining rooms are great places to entertain guests. Hang prints with lots of red, gold and orange to liven up the mood.

2) Make everything match – Get canvas prints that complement the room’s theme and concept. If your home is designed in a minimalist theme, go for black and white photos on canvas, or a colored picture with a simple subject. Triptych or 3 piece canvas also look good in very modern houses. If you are decorating a beach house, hang some beach themed canvas or pictures showing underwater sea life. If you want to decorate an urban high-rise condo unit, photos of modern cities around the world would complement your urban lifestyle.

3) Make your wall art work for you – If you are decorating a small apartment, you should try hanging some landscape pictures. landscapes showing a horizon have a tendency of opening up your living space. The appearance of a faraway horizon fading into the background produces a picture window effect. If you are decorating a restaurant or bar. Use canvas prints depicting food and wine related subjects. The sight of food and wine on your walls can wet customers’ appetites and induce them to order more food or drinks. It sets the proper mood for the location and occasion.

4) Get the appropriate size – If you are decorating a small room, avoid getting prints that are too large. When decorating a large wall in a big room, then large canvas prints or canvas art sets would be appropriate. For artwork to be appreciated properly, the viewer also needs some space to move back. So, even if you are decorating a long corridor, but if the hallway is narrow, a large canvas cannot be appreciated well enough. Hang large canvas pieces where there is enough space to move back to see the whole artwork.

5) Presentation – Highlight your canvas prints by providing proper lighting. There are wall lamps specifically for lighting wall art and are placed above the canvas. Aside from lamps you can also use ceiling track lights facing the canvas. Use amber lighting with a soft glow, not glaring white light. Your can present your artwork as a formal piece by framing the canvas or as a casual type of decor by using photos stretched on galley wrapped canvas with out a frame. Hanging 3 piece canvas pieces is also a modern way of presenting wall art.

Use these tips when choosing and hanging your canvas prints in accordance with your own personal tastes. You will know if you got your decorating right if the total effect leaves you happy with what you see. If the design is not right you will instantly notice that something is off such as clashing colors or a lack of visual balance.

Nail Tips for Your Nail Treatments

Nail Tips for Your Nail Treatments

Beautifully done and manicured nails appear to be exceptionally appealing and alluring. It helps in bringing out one’s overall best look. Nail care is very important when it comes to good grooming. For example, a woman who has applied her makeup meticulously and dressed herself with the most glamorous and fashionable outfit, but has neglected to take care of and keep her nails healthy and beautiful will look a bit off. How will she look if it is obvious? A little scruffy, right? Just a few minutes spent on fingernail care on a regular basis can reflect a very huge difference in the overall appearance and will always work for everybody be it at work or at home and most especially, in social gatherings.

A very popular trend nowadays is the creation of nail art. Art is becoming very common among women of today as it makes the nails look really attractive and interesting. The market is packed with different colors and shades of polishes that are available to be applied on nails everywhere. Glitter, stickers, gems and rhinestones can also be applied to improve and brighten their looks. Art designs look best on shaped and long nails. However, not everyone can grow such long nails. So, this is where nail tips and extensions come in handy. Nail tips are artificial nails that can be attached to one’s natural nails to give the illusion of long and healthy nails. In addition, these nails have beautiful designs that look stunning.

As far as taking care of the nails with artificial tips goes, having infections and fungus can be common if the nails are not applied correctly. These infections can be prevented. Fungus is in fact, not that common if the facilities are maintained correctly. Even doctors cannot be sure about fungus just by looking at it. If someone has it, doctors would have to grow a culture and that process can sometimes take weeks or months. It is not possible to identify a fungus just before it happens. However, one can help prevent any fungus from being transmitted or deposited. If a fungus occurs, it will appear to be a white area under the nail; it’s as if the natural nail is pulling away from the nail bed. Appropriate and correct application as well as maintenance of the nail extension and using products like an antiseptic will help prevent the fungus. If one will ask, fungus can be contagious. If it is not taken care of immediately, it could spread to other fingers. The fungus could also spread to one person to another person if a nail file or a tool is used on a nail with a fungus and then used to the other person.

Basic nail tips are available online and with the help of the nail technicians who are professional, one can achieve a fashionable touch to their nails and can avoid having infections by having the nails done properly.

To have an advantage and learn more about the different kinds of nail tips that are out there, you better check out this blog on nail tips for nail technicians and be aware of the fastest growing profession in your town